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about myself :
im hanan i married with the perfect guy that he give me the happiness in my life and he encouraged me to create this website and i have one beautiful daughter she has tow years.

kids and moms was started because, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, motherhood is not a natural instinct for many (many) women.

Rather, connectedness is a new mom’s first instinct. And, with non-judgmental support and advice from other moms and parenting professionals, we try to help women embrace motherhood with confidence.

As with everything, we all still have lots of questions and believe that there are no easy answers in parenting. You’ll often discover us engaged in conversations either searching for or imparting advice, all while attempting to raise completely satisfied and healthy children.

At kids and moms, we are tolerant of all styles of parenting as we can all learn from each other. We don’t believe there is an ideal mother style, In fact, we see humor in motherhood’s imperfections. join us to learn, support and laugh at the messy and magical experience of being a mother.

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