when do babies smile?

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Babies smile is the most heart-melting and loving sight to have. your restless nights and body aches are left with no worth when your babies smile at you. There is no specified time or age that refers to the smiling of the babies. Some times as soon as the babies are born they open their eyes to the new world with a beautiful smile. Some might show you a lot of tantrums then may amaze you by smiling.

how early do babies start smiling

As said earlier some babies smile right after their birth but it’s not that they see you and become happy. It’s just can be as they are relaxed after a long time of struggle to come out of their mommy’s womb. Another reason might be when their tummy is full or they feel quite relaxed when gas or stool is passed.

when do babies start to smile socially

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At the age of 3 to 4 months, babies are quite familiar with their surroundings and family. Babies start to smile back at you at this age. when babies hear you calling their name or repeating some familiar words to babies they feel happy and smile back. Before that, there were internal factors of the body that made babies smile but now out of excitement and happiness babies smile.

Encouraging babies to smile

The parents who spend most of the time with their babies and have a baby talk with them their babies start smiling earlier. Babies smile is the first step towards responding to the stimuli. So, making your babies smile is one of the very important milestone. This response will take the baby to meet the next milestone that is making sounds. Keep practicing the following tips to make your baby smiles often.

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  • Talk to your baby.
  • Smile while talking to the baby.
  • Babies at the age of 3 to 4 months can only see you from the distance of 8 to 12 cm. Keep a proper distance while talking to them so they can see your smile and respond.
  • Sing songs to your baby.
  • Play games like peek a boo with your baby as it makes them happy.
  • Always have a conversation with them when their tummy is full. Hungry baby will not give a good response.
  • Parents must keep them happy and relaxed the parents with good moods always have happy babies.

signs that show babies will start smile

Before the baby starts to smile they start making eye contact with parents. When the baby is able to keep eyes straight and recognize the contact with the parent’s eyes he is able to respond. Around the age of 2 months, their eyes and a head start having coordination. After this coordination, the senses start working better.

what if baby is not smiling

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Usually, the babies start smiling at the 12th week but if he is not then, what to do? you must consult a pediatrician. He can diagnose the problem better. As there might be a motor or language delay or social or maybe there is a delay to some family history. Some times the premature babies also delay the developmental stages. There might be no problem it just can be as your baby is premature and he will start responding when he will reach a particular age. But its always good to go for a consultant advise as there are a lot of links that only an expert can make but not us. I as a mother never rely upon my own research. So, I would suggest always go for an expert if you see any problem with regards to babies developmental stages.