20+baby shower ideas for boys

The baby shower ideas for boys is the family’s first opportunity to plan and gather people. A baby shower presents an opportunity for them to give gifts and showing their love for family and a child. When planning the perfect baby shower ideas for boys is the first step is to select the theme you’ll find lots of ideas by browsing ideas for a baby boy shower. Blue, white and silver are the colors that are used for the baby shower ideas for boys. You can pick candies, cookies of these colors to look more beautiful.

B is for baby shower base your baby boy bash you can serve blue cookies, pastries and blue cupcakes. Cute cards label all the food items. Different games can play by the people around there such as including standard games like bingo, and sometimes being pregnancy themes.

These games let the friends and family members attending this shower bond with the parents of the upcoming child. Guests bring small gifts for the baby like blankets, clothes, baby bath sets, etc. Sometime the host will make a game of opening gifts in the baby shower. These were the few bay shower ideas for boys now, let’s explore some extraordinary themes for a baby boy shower.

baby shower themes for boys

star shine and moon glow theme

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Star shine and moon glow is the perfect theme for the baby boy shower. The neutral colors are also perfect for the set up the baby boy. An amazing baby shower includes beautiful decoration of baby boy shower and delicious desserts (cakes, cookies and cupcakes). Welcoming a new baby boy can be a world of fun.

elephant theme ideas for baby shower for boys

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Celebrate the upcoming arrival of your baby boy with the elephant theme white and yellow flowers decorated the table with the frosting yellow and white cream on the elephant cake. Celebrate the baby boy shower with the magic show baby shower.

zebra theme for baby boy shower

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Try matching everything around with the theme. Make chocolate brown and blue stripes patterns to make it a pleasing event. From cupcakes to raffles, cakes and even beverages wrap be like the zebra theme. This kind of baby shower ideas for boys will make a wondrous party.

yellow vintage baby shower ideas for boys

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This yellow vintage includes printables of duck and chicks. Delicious desserts like cakes, cookies and candies all colored yellow with vintage glass at the corner. It is going to be a cheerful and full of bright yellow colored event.

wild safari theme

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Let’s welcome little boy with wild safari theme ideas for baby boy shower. This theme will bring some green and wild creatures to your home. You know its time to get ready for a hyperactive little creature who is going to make your world go round.

everything blue for baby shower ideas for boys

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An idea to let the world know that a boy is coming to your house soon. Decorating the whole backdrop with all the shades of blue. Using a lot of balloons to make an incredible photo booth for yourself and guests.

Winnie the pooh theme for baby shower ideas for boys

A cute little pooh coming your way so, why not to celebrate his arrival with pooh theme. It will remind you of the old nursery rhymes and classic stories. You can mix up some other characters with it to give it unforgettable baby shower ideas for boys.

little man theme for baby shower ideas for boys

How about adding a mustache to your props. Keeping a lot of mustache props for guests to take photographs with. Decorating cupcakes and cakes with the mustache and a color of blue will be an amusing event.

chalk board welcome sign

Use a stenciling kit to create a welcome board for your baby boy. This artistically designed board will quickly get the attention of the people coming over. You can keep clue boards all over your place for instance introducing dishes on table a hint on the signboard.

light up block letters

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You can put it at the corner of the room or make a photo booth. Simply buy big blocked lightening alphabets of your baby boy name and light them up. Just a word baby glowing at the corner of the room will give an elegant look to your room.

DIY photo booth ideas for baby boY shower

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You just need a few branches, some big white sheets and strands of eucalyptus to make you DIY photo booth. If you like nature-inspired themes just try this or browse some more DIY ideas for baby shower ideas for boys.

Decked out dessert cart theme for baby boy shower

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You can get a party cart from an event planner nearby and decorate it the way you want to. Desserts are for sure the best part of the party. So why not to display this special treat in an impressive way.

Rustic diaper cake centerpiece

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DIY diaper cakes look artistic and striking as it gives a completely unique look. You can wrap the cake with green and brown ribbons to add the countryside flavor.

Nautical theme for baby boy shower

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This blue coastal theme must be the one you are looking for. with all the shades of blue and nautical details lets set up the ship of prayers and best wishes for your baby boy to sail in.

cute panda theme baby shower ideas for boys

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When going for the baby shower ideas for boys one must select the cute panda theme. You can make panda-shaped cupcakes and candies that will be a perfect dessert for your party.

blue pops theme for baby shower ideas for boys

Fill your table with uncountable coconut with hazelnut blue pops with silver sticks to hold. Along with that you can keep the mini diapers on the table for guests to write wishes for your baby.

cute puppy theme

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Cute puppy theme looks the cutest when you decorate the walls with fondant designs of puppies. You can order a big cake with a puppy theme. Cupcakes can also be frosted with cream and design of puppy on the top.

photo booth props ideas for baby shower for boys

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Let us make a lot of photo booth props to have a fantastic photoshoot of mother to be and guests. This one is a mind-blowing idea for baby shower for boys. The guests may take the props home to never forget this ravishing party.



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