Baby shower ideas and themes for girls are what mom to be is planning and gathering a lot of new information to make that special day a perfect one. We are about to share adorable cute baby girls shower ideas for you. These baby girls shower ideas will not only make you feel excited but the guests coming over will also feel entertained and delightful.

Get your party area decorated with DIY floral walls and tables with beautiful flower arrangements and centerpieces. You can also make a baby girl stuff area that can make guests pose in front and get memorable photographs. You may prepare some munch on, bakery items and favorite drinks for your guests.

This is the time to uncover your creativity and add your own colors to the event. Make it unique and memorable with the ideas for baby shower themes for girls shared by us. These themes and ideas for baby girls shower will help you to think out of the box.

baby shower ideas for girls

Balloon themed baby shower ideas for girls

This is a very basic theme for a baby girl shower. But believe me when you make archways with uncountable pink and purple balloons it still makes it sweet and eye-catchy. Balloon decor always stays in style and fashion.

spring has arrived theme

Spring is the most blissful time of the year. A pleasing time to welcome your new baby girl. In spring theme you can decorate the walls ceiling and doors with all the beautiful colors flowers. Make your place floral decorated include all pink, white, and purples to welcome your baby girl.

once upon a time theme for baby girls shower

Reading the childhood fantasy stories still make you feel nostalgic? So, gear up for an old fantasy story theme. Make your place decorated with one of the fantasy stories. Creating a childlike atmosphere but still elegant and appealing

hula hoop display for baby shower ideas for girls

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Trust me you are going to decorate your sitting area with one of the most unique themes. You can get the walls decorated with golden sprayed or golden ribbon covered hula hoops. these can be featured with floral and bells or maybe greenery. you can add some balloons or stars to it and it’s going to be a mindblowing background for your unforgettable photos.

photo booth backdrop ideas for baby girl shower

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Let’s plan a mock floral and balloons decorated photo booth for baby shower themes for girls. You can add orange, red, golden or pink flowers to make it colorful and catchy. it is going to be a gorgeous one.

unicorns and rainbows baby shower theme for girls

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Unicorns and rainbows never go wrong for a baby shower ideas for girls. Decorate your place with beautiful unicorns and rainbows along with all girlish colors of balloons.

tropical paradise


Bright and appealing colors of tropical leaves make a beautiful and freshening up the theme for a baby girl shower. You can several shades of pink glittery sheets and cut the shapes of tropical leaves to decorate the backdrop of your selected theme.

PINK OWL display ideas for BABY shower for girls

Formic sheets, card boars or wooden shaped owls all in the shades of pink and peach make a perfect backdrop. An owl themed baby girl shower ideas set up with a craft table where you can keep some of your baby girl’s dresses and golden markers. Ask the guests to draw something beautiful related to the theme.

pop with pink

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Hypnotizing shades of pink and purple are the perfect colors to welcome your sweet little baby girl. This pink burst will be containing flowers, pompoms and delicious cupcakes with pink frosting.

tic, tac, toe baby shower theme for girls

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It’s game time! play game with new icons use luscious black lashes and hot pink lips to play tic, tac, toe a new way. Celebrate your baby girl’s arrival in an amazing way.

cheerful colors

The funfilled and funky combination of pink, turquoise, purple and yellow will be a cheerful combination. DIY floral backdrop and table decoratives will give you a vibrant look of your place.

fly around the world

Decorate your walls, doors and tables with maps, globes and vintage decor. travel theme is shows which place your baby girl will travel to. This fun-filled baby girl shower theme will also have notes by the guests to be written on the zero-sized diapers.

WOOD land cuties

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Nature-inspired baby girl shower theme will have a lot of woodland animal decor. Tea time snacks are shaped like woodland animals for instance mushroom-shaped cookies, nuts and sweets.

honey bunches display for baby shower ideas for girls

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Decorating the tables with drooling honey cupcakes, honey sticks and sweet candies. shades of honey brown, gold and yellow brighten up the decor of walls and doors. hanging honey bees with ceiling looks artistic.

elegant entry door for baby shower ideas for girls

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The guests will definitely have an idea that what a superb party they have come to. Ravishing welcome with white, cream and pink will bring smiles to the faces. You can decorate the windows and doors with floral decoratives and wreath.

Berries and chocolates baby shower ideas for girls

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Those with a sweet tooth will love to come to your party as it is going to be a treat for all. Add the colors of red and brown with the red and white striped table cloth and sodas. DIY vintage pages backdrop will give you nice photos too.

twinkle twinkle idea for baby shower ideas for girls

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You remember the old nursery rhyme so, create the theme of twinkling stars. This may include sparkling stars, delicious treats stars shape like cupcakes and sweet pops.

royal princess idea for baby shower ideas for girls

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Celebrate the arrival of a little princess with glittery crowns with a touch of pretty pinks. With luxurious decor mom to be will feel like a queen standing beside the table setting that dazzles with gold and pink.

tu tu cute baby shower themes for girls

Tutu cute is when ribbons, tulle and ruffles come together to give your baby girl shower event an artistic look. Using a variety of pretty pinks, decorating cookies with candies, cupcakes toppings with bows for a treat that’s tutu sweet.

dream catcher baby shower ideas for girls

dream catcherPIN IT!

Decorate with charming dream catcher with pink, purple, blue and green. It will be a dream come true moment when guests will cherish you with their wishes and prayers for the sweet little baby girl and mommy to be.