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Housekeeping duties have always been thought about as a burden. But it can aesthetically make home pleasing as it’s always been every mother’s ideal dream. The house chores require a mother’s precious time and an ample amount of her energy. These tasks entirely drain the strength of a mother that she can easily utilize to nurture her young ones and have a pleasant time with them. In a situation like these, the best way out is to take the assistance of a “housekeeper”.

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Housekeepers are those angels who are accountable for the steady and smooth maintenance of your small kingdom. Housekeeping duties in a home include all the daily household work, from scrubbing and mopping to tidying up the house. With appropriate, timely housekeeping you will have enough spare time to enjoy playing with your little one.


Housekeeping duties can be demanding and tiring at times. According to the housekeeping job description, an ideal candidate for this work is one who can withstand the seriousness of this job. It demands constant standing, bending, lifting, and pushing heavy objects during the working hours. While setting the housekeeping job description criteria moms must look for certain traits within a person.


A housekeeper may be a degree or a diploma holder but this profession particularly requires physical fitness and vigorous health more. The housekeeping duties require in-depth knowledge of cleaning, maintaining, and sanitizing the equipment and the furniture around the house professionally.

Experience required to perform housekeeping duties

An experienced housekeeper is always an asset to a household as he understands the nature of his job clearly and can adjust himself according to the circumstances instantly and effortlessly. A housekeeper should try to work with details and be a perfectionist in his work so, no corner of a house remains unclean or dirty.

Skills and Attributes:

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As the housekeeper is going to spend a considerable amount of time with your family. Therefore, it is necessary that he is a person of gentle behavior and a respectful nature. As a mother, you don’t want a housekeeper to have a negative influence on your kids. So, he must be well-mannered and polite. Other skills that he must have are the ability to work extended hours sometimes being vigilant, and responsible at all times


Let’s take a deeper look at some of the aspects in which a housekeeper can make your life a heaven on earth.

1.Cleaning the household:

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Housekeeping duties envelopes the complete cleanliness of your house. They tidy up your rooms to make them look organized and peaceful. The housekeeping duties deliberately include: sweeping and mopping all the rooms, dusting the furniture, and vacuuming the carpets, and foot mats.

2. Maintenance:

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Housekeeping duties also include the overall setting of your house. Scattered toys around the house, unmade beds, dry leaves on the patio, changing fused bulbs are some of the housekeeper responsibilities. He must be decluttering the drawers and cupboards off and on

3. Sanitize and disinfect:

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Health is always a prime concern of all mothers. They want to protect their children from all sorts of germs, bacteria, and diseases. In order to make this happen, a housekeeper is responsible for sanitizing and disinfecting the bathroom floors, tubs, toilets, and sinks regularly.

4. Dust and polish furniture:

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Your furniture and home decor add beauty and enchantment to your house. They will become dull and dusty if they are ignored and not taken care of properly. Housekeepers must clean and polish furniture every few days. So that the elegance and beauty of your house are well maintained.

5. Disposing of trash and garbage:

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The smelly stinking garbage-filled bins outside the house are never a pleasing sight. It not only gives a bad impression to your guests but is also dangerous for your health. A housekeeper will make sure to dispose of all the trash from the bins and will dump away the garbage regularly. So that your house entrance looks beautiful and welcoming.

6. Spotless glass surfaces:

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The glass windows, tables, mirrors, and other surfaces around the house need to be cleaned regularly. As they can easily get dirty and spotty when the kids are around. The housekeeper will make sure that all the glass around the house is sparkling and spotless.

7. Clean fresh laundry:

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Keeping the laundry basket empty is an impossible task when you have a toddler, teens, or even adults around. The continuous process of dumping the dirty clothes in the hamper makes the job of a mother even more tiring. A housekeeper makes sure that all the laundry is washed dried and ironed on time.

8. Kitchen maintenance

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The kitchen is the most attention-seeking part of the house. Preparing a healthy delicious meal thrice a day as per the requirement of your family is a challenging task. Washing the dishes after the meals, discarding the leftovers, scrubbing the kitchen counters is a duty of a proficient housekeeper.