how soon does morning sickness start?

How soon does morning sickness start is the most common question from the mother to be? Even though the mom of two or three might not have experienced it for the first time but having a nauseatic feeling this time. So, ladies if you are having morning sickness yes it is going to stay with you for the next 3 months or maybe in very few cases till your due date.

Morning sickness is a nauseating feeling that starts early morning as soon as you open your eyes. Most of the time you wake up throwing and sometimes with spinning head.


One out of 30 women start having morning sickness right after they conceive. While only one out of 30 women starts vomiting too. The morning sickness usually happens because of increasing pregnancy hormones. There are still many women who not at all feel morning sickness.

how many weeks does morning sickness start?

From week four till seven most of the women come to know that they are finally pregnant. One of 5 women starts having feelings of morning sickness as soon as they conceive even though they haven’t missed their menstruation date. whereas most of the women start feeling nauseatic in their 5th or 6th week. This is the time when you should take an appointment and go to your doctor for further consultation.

How long does it stay?

In most of the cases morning sickness stays for 3 to 4 months. But there still are women who experience morning sickness till the 9th month. Morning sickness can start when the body of a pregnant woman starts releasing a high amount of pregnancy hormones (HCG ). The morning sickness lasts as afar as the hormones are been released.

Is it normal to have morning sickness?

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morning sickness

Yes, it is very normal to have morning sickness. Due to an increase in HCG women feel sick in the morning. Although the morning sickness can last for the whole day as it is not something that can be timed in some of the cases.

Causes of morning sicknes

There are few reasons of morning sickness other than HCG levels these are:

  • fatigue
  • stress
  • having triplets or twins
  • traveling

If you had severe morning sickness when you were expecting fist baby does not mean that you will face it again. It varies from pregnancy to pregnancy.

complication that you might face

The most common consequence of morning sickness is the loss of appetite that can lead to no weight gain. If you are not gaining weight till 3rd to 4th month you must visit your doctor There can be a few more complications that are listed below.

  • fast heartbeat
  • vomit with blood
  • lightheadedness
  • abdominal pains
  • frequent headaches
  • bleeding or spotting

remedies to reduce morning sickness

Doctors advise a few supplements according to the needs of your body and some medicines to reduce morning sickness. But remember not to take any medicine without a doctor’s prescription! other than medicines you may take some cookies or any dry food that can help reducing morning sickness. You can also go for an early morning walk just for a few minutes changing your environment will help.

what if you are not having morning sickness

No morning sickness? oh! does it mean you had a miscarriage or maybe blood reports went wrong??? No not at all! You are among the lucky ones who can enjoy the whole journey of becoming a mommy. But at the same time be alert if you feel no morning sickness with spotting, its time to be alert you might have lost the baby.

Remember one out of forty women experience miscarriage and just one out of a hundred women experience it more than one time.

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All the men out there it’s your lady who is about to bore your child. So take care of her as never before. Yes, she will irritate you, she will ask you silly things to do. Make this journey a loving and caring one for her. Let’s make memories never to be forgotten!



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