pregnancy pillows – 5 things you need to know

Pregnancy is a challenging period for a mother to be. Pregnancy pillows can be a great deal of help in this time. The nine-month period demands physical and emotional energy from the mother unlike anything else.

As a mother to be, it is your first most priority to take care of your health and diet. The baby should be receiving all the necessary nourishment and support from the outside.

But how can sleeping or lack of sleeping affect you and the baby?

Well, if you are not getting enough sleep or find your usual sleeping positions uncomfortable, you will wake up tired. You may experience discomfort, pain, and a lack of energy to get on with your daily ordeals.

You will not only tire out emotionally but physically. Exhaustion is not good for anybody, let alone a pregnant woman.

If you are managing to get a good amount of sleep, that’s great. You can look into different sleeping positions that are safe. According to WebMD, sleeping on your left side is the healthiest and safest option for you and the baby.

It is not safe to sleep on your back or propped up. Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy. It can cause compression on a large vein running down your back. This can lead to low blood pressure, dizziness, and lack of oxygen in your body. The last symptom, in rare cases can affect the baby as well.

So you may decide to invest in a pregnancy pillow to help you fall asleep. Here are a few pregnancy pillow benefits and why they may be great for you.

1. Pregnancy pillows help you sleep better

Old habits die hard. If you were sleeping on your back or on your stomach before pregnancy, sleeping on your stomach may seem near impossible now.

There are health risks to the baby if you sleep on your back for longer periods of time. A study states how sleeping positions could have an overall effect on the blood pressure of pregnant women. While in rare cases, low blood pressure may cause you to faint, it will have far more of an effect on the baby.

Sleeping on your back is not safe for a longer duration. To prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night on your back, pregnancy pillows benefit a great deal in helping you sleep in safer positions.

2. It helps you with backaches

The weight of the baby pulls down at your back and it is not an easy position to be in all the time while doing the most mundane tasks. The constant pull can leave your back feeling sore and may cause an all-time backache.

Also the ligaments in your lower body stretch and become soft. This happens to prepare you for labor. This pain in the back can affect your comfort, ease of falling asleep, and a general feeling of wellness.

A pregnancy pillow benefits in this situation by helping you minimize this pain allowing you a good night’s rest. .

3. They are helpful in medical conditions

Pregnancy pillows are a great support to alleviate body pains. They adapt to your body’s contours and provide support in pressure points such as knees, pelvis, abdomen, ankles, and back.

The shape of the pregnancy pillow matters specifically as to what body part or parts it intends to support. Recent research concluded how the shape of these pillows sometimes helps patients with other physical indications as well. Patients with medical conditions such as sciatica and arthritis use pregnancy pillows as part of their lifestyle modifications.

4. You can take it anywhere with you

Are you one of those people who cannot sleep anywhere but your bed, travel a lot or plan to stay somewhere during your pregnancy? Having a pregnancy pillow helps you bring that little piece of your personal haven everywhere with you.

There are tonnes of different shapes and compact pregnancy pillows out there. Some of them are easy to pack and lightweight enough to carry around.

You can even take it to the hospital with you for the delivery.

5. You can use it to support breastfeeding

A pregnancy pillow benefits you during postpartum. It remains relevant even after the pregnancy. Postpartum breastfeeding can be a struggle for some mothers.

A pregnancy pillow can be propped up to provide support to the back, shoulders, and neck during feeding.

The firmness and support can help you prevent slouching and support your pelvis as it embarks on its road to recovery.