Pregnancy symptoms week 3

Are you ready to know about pregnancy symptoms of week 3. You actually got pregnant two weeks back but week 1 is not actually when you conceive, it is just like as if you are on menstruation (the process of pregnancy has started). The pregnancy calculation goes this way. Its time to officially come to know of your pregnancy after week 4 but during week 3 a new life is taking its place in your body and this will show for itself.

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Mom to then go for a pregnancy test and it comes out to be positive; you are overwhelmed. Now get ready for the changes in your body, your moods, and feel the pregnancy symptoms.

When do the pregnancy symptoms start?

In some cases you observe the pregnancy symptoms of week 3 as early as week 1 but in others they may start showing up from week 4 onwards. Missing period is considered to be week 4 which means there are not many symptoms during week


what are the pregnancy symptoms of week 3

  • .Vaginal bleeding:

You may see a bit of spotting as the little egg starts making its place in the lining of your uterus.


pregnancy symptoms week3PIN IT!

You may experience nausea and morning sickness because the number of pregnancy hormones (hCG: human chorionic gonadotropin) begins to increase in your body. If you are experiencing nausea at week 3 that means it is going to go with you for a long time. Nausea at this early stage may also be a sign that you are pregnant with twins because twin pregnancy causes higher counts of hCG. Nausea mostly starts after week 3 but this may vary.

  • Unusual Tiredness:

You may feel tired and sleeping might become your hobby. Don’t worry these are the pregnancy symptoms of week 3 and it’s all because of the hormonal changes your body is going through.

  • Bloating and cramps:

Due to an increased number of pregnancy hormones (hCG), a major pregnancy symptom of week 3 is stomach cramps and bloating. This happens because all your muscles get relaxed due to these hormones including muscles of the digestive system, causing a slow digestion process. This may also result in cramps just like the ones in periods.

  • Sore breasts:

Sore breasts and darkened nipples are also the pregnancy symptoms of the week This is because your breasts are getting ready for the milking process.

  • Emotions:
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Mood swings, emotions of anxiety, excitement, and nervousness may be noticed because most of the time a woman starts feeling pregnant before any pregnancy tests show off.

What to do and what not to?

This is the time you need to pamper yourself, as a new being is about to nourish within you. As said by our mothers, “You are not a single soul now, you are two, so take much care!”

  • Good diet:

Add fruits, vegetables, grains, and all nourishing food in your diet. Your baby-to-come needs them and you too. If you take much coffee or tea try to cut it less and try quitting smoking, as it is harmful for the new one.

  • Multi Vitamins:
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It is not always possible to fulfill your nutritional needs through diet so go for some good multivitamin supplements. Folic acid is something suggested to every new mother-to-be.

  • Regular exercises:
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Little exercises will help you stay active and also keep you physically fit. They might help you please your mood too.


Advice for partners:

This is the time for your better half to ‘handle with care.’ Go for shopping and groceries together, enjoy fresh air, talk, and let her express her emotions with you. Give her positive affirmations as this is going to help her in the next nine months.

     Pregnancy is a blessing that is full of excitement, patience, joy and it can be challenging too. Some caring tips, good thoughts, and wonderful people around you can make it a fantasy. Every progressing week of pregnancy has its joys but at the same time it requires consideration. So, enjoy it rather getting upset about little effects it causes.