Babies can sit up once a child’s neck and back are strong enough. This is the time when he can bend and do it himself. It is just a matter of time before your Babies start sitting up, standing and eventually walking alone.

The better your child is trained in seeking help, the more likely he will try to sit alone without a mother or father’s hand or pillow. The more practice your Babies can sit up with help, the more likely he is to try sitting up on his own without any help.


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As soon as the muscles of the neck and head of the baby quickly become strong, the baby can raise its head, lie on its stomach and sit down immediately. An amazing achievement that is expected from all parents when the babies can sit up independently

 Just continue to offer plenty of chances to let babies sit up with support, and lots of encouragement and distraction while your little one is upright. As your baby becomes an independent sitter, he will soon begin to reach for toys that are farther away, and soon will be able to move from sitting up position to another. This is a major accomplishment every parent looks forward to.


Babies can easily sit up for 5 to 7 months. You can expect to sit without support at the age of 8 or 9 months. At 6 months, the child developed muscles of the neck, chest and back, which allows him to sit without assistance. It can slip out of the stomach and sit for up to 7 months. At the age of 11 babies can sit up unsupported but if the baby is not sitting at his own parents must visit the doctor. So, the doctor can give him some supplements or maybe exercises to practice.

indications that show now the baby can sit up

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When your baby starts holding his head up indicates that he is ready to sit up. but some times they don’t do it even at the age of 5 or 6 months. For this you can try different tips like u can make your baby lie on your legs and you just hold his hands then pull him towards yourself. Making it a game will help the babies a lot. These kinds of practices will make the babies can sit up.


Whenever you feel like making your baby sit up in a stroller but under adult supervision. Babies can also be seated in an infant seat or parent’s lap. While going out for shopping baby can be seated in a stroller so it makes you feel relaxed and side by side baby practicing to sit up.

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More time on the floor may help the child to hold up his neck strongly. leave baby for 2 to 3 times on a clean floor with safe toys. So, during the struggle of getting toys, they will start holding head and soon the babies can sit up

Let your baby experience and exploe different positions and movements. Give them plenty of chances to try.

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Give babies plenty of tummy time. This will help him to be at your eye level. Babies love to see their mommy’s face so, he will keep holding his head for longer times. Start from less time and gradually increase it. The babies can sit up earlier who are been practised such exercises.

NO NEED TO WORRY! yes, babies can sit up soon.

Just a bit more effort and patience. If the babies can not sit up till the age of 5 no need to worry about it. As this is the time when he would like to respond. If the babies start crying when you make them sit by holding their hands or keeping a pillow at the back be relaxed! When the babies can sit up and it’s new for them they get tired and cry out loud.

The next milestone is the rolling over for the babies to start crawl and eventually stand and be more active. Keep practicing the tips shared and don’t worry.