when do babies start crawling

When do babies start crawling? When will they start rolling over? These are the few frequently asked questions by new moms. Babies grow fast during their first year of life. They are going through the developmental stages quickly and learning a lot of new things.

The ages differ from baby to baby when they start crawling. Some babies are quite active and not too heavy so they can crawl early whereas some have gained a lot of weight during the first few months of their lives so they take more time to get control over their movements.

when should babies start crawling

when should baby crawl

There is no set rules for the babies to start crawling. There are lots of factors that make the babies start to crawl early or late. Babies start crawling when you see them lying down on the floor on their belly and feeling comfortable that way. The other sign that shows they are about to crawl is that when you see your baby pulling him or herself with just her arms to get around then yes there are only a few days left for them to crawl.

what age do babies start crawling

Babies can start to crawl as early as in their 4th month or maybe later it can go to 10 months. Usually babies start crawling from 6 to 10 months. And there are few babies that totally leave this phase of crawling and directly start walking from sitting.

Babies begin to crawl when they start rolling so they might start rolling from their back to tummy or the other way around at the age of three months. This shows the sign that they will start crawling but still take 1 month or so.

some good tips for moms and babies

There are a lot of tips that can help you to make your babies crawl as these practices are very useful for building up their sensory-motor skills too. SO, here you go with some tips that may help your dear little baby to crawl:

  • Giving babies plenty of tummy time lets them roll over at a safe place or on a clean floor.
  • Putting baby in front of a mirror and let him try to touch his reflection. this will help him to hold himself up.
  • Let babies play in some open area take them out of all supportive devices like crawlers and strollers.
  • You can also crawl with your babies as a game make them love to do this.
  • But do not make it hard on your baby whenever he doesn’t want to do so do not force him
  • Giving them a leg work out like, lifting them up a little from the floor and holding them for support will be good for strengthening their legs.
  • Make your baby feel appreciated whenever he tries something new and reward him with a toy or a tight hug.

keeping your baby safe

keep your baby safe

Always keep the safety of your baby first. Baby proof your house you must cover all the sockets as now it’s the time for your baby to rule over the house when the baby starts crawling. Keep the floors clean and sanitized so our baby may not get an insect bite or rashes. if your baby gets an insect bite or rash apply some good skin products to treat it.

You must keep the stairs blocked with a temporary gate. Babies usually fall from the stairs and get themselves badly hurt. Babies like to polish the skill of climbing stairs. When they start to crawl so it’s better to keep the stairs blocked.

What to do if baby does not start crawling

If the baby doesn’t start crawl till 9th month it definitely does not mean that he has some developmental problems. You just go with practicing the tips been shared and within a few weeks you will see the results.

Most of the time its normal to start crawling late. But if the baby is facing a problem in pulling up legs or so you must see an expert pediatrician for consultation.

Its such a beautiful scene watching your baby crawling around the home. They are getting to know each and every corner of your home. Be alert! and be with your child always never leave him alone in a room must keep strict surveillance of your baby.