When do babies start talking? Well it depends upon how much they listen to people talking around them. The parents who do not talk to their babies start talking a bit later than the others. Before talking babies start communicating through sounds or by crying.

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The babies start talking in their own way with parents or caretakers at the time. Like, when they are hungry or their diaper is full they start crying to seek attention. The second step is to babble babies in their own way to respond through babbling. This babbling sound then turns into ‘ba’ , ‘ma’, ‘da’ sounds.

when should the babies start talking

At the age of 1 year mostly the babies start talking. They start saying simple words like ‘mama’, ‘dada’, ‘tata’. before this the babies do not talk or say words they just babble. Parents should answer with a smile when the babies talk in their own ways. Parents’ smile encourages the babies to talk. Till the age of 18 months, babies start talking by using unstructured sentences but able to deliver their message much clear.

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At the age of 7 to 11 babies start talking by making sounds like ‘muh’, ‘duh’. producing sounds with ‘d’ are easier for babies rather than ‘m’s. This is the age when babies start noticing different objects like, if they see cat they might start shouting to tell you about her. The sounds they produce at that time is the way the baby is talking.

some activities to help the babies start talking

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  • talk back to your child whenever they make sounds.
  • show them colors and shapes and speak out loud while recognition.
  • use gestures while waving and saying like, ‘tata’ or ‘bye’.
  • teach your babies different gestures.
  • make animal sounds as you see them and show your babies.
  • do counting practice read out loudly the numbers and try to make your baby repeat the sounds after you.
  • try adding on some extra words to babies talk. Like, if they say baba add on ‘my baba’.
  • read out stories to your baby.
  • look into their eyes while talking to them.
  • sing songs or poems to the babies as they love to repeat the rhyme after parents.

why the babies donot talk at the age of 1 year

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If the babies do not start talking at the age of 12 months to 18 months parents must get alert and consult this issue with a doctor. Doctors might refer the babies to a speech therapists. There can be a few of the reasons that your baby is not responding properly or trying to speak like other babies.

The first reason might be the baby is not able to hear what you say properly or might not be able to focus on the particular words that the parents repeat or say. If the baby is not responding to you like other babies of the same age do then you should not wait at home, visit the hospital is a must. The third reason to be worried if the baby does not respond when his or her name is been called.

Hearing plays an important role in baby talk. If the baby does not respond to the parent quite often this might be the reason that he can’t hear you. Some times even a slight hearing problem can cause a delay for your baby to start the talk.

the next mile stone…..

the next milestone is to understand instructions and follow commands and till the age of 2 years, babies usually reach this milestone. Whereas, following direction might still take some time. But congratulations the chatterbox is now on…..