when do babies walk?

When do babies walk? Are you looking for the answer as you are done enough practice with your baby? Every human has to go through developmental stages. After each achievement babies have to achieve the next milestone. Babies start walking around 12 months to 15 months usually.

The same way they took time and you patiently helped them while sitting, rolling over or crawling now is the time to help your babies walk. The muscles of the babies strengthen with the passage of time as they start moving the arms and legs. When their muscles are strong enough to hold their weight babies start walking.

The signs that show baby will start to walk

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Once the baby is able to grip on thing he tries to put on force not only on his arms but also on legs. When babies apply force on legs they start standing. This is the first sign that baby is now ready to walk. In the beginning the baby will start standing for just a few seconds and fall down. The next time you will see him standing for a few more seconds but not holding anything and his legs are also stiffed and straight. These motor skills show that now the time is near to see your babies walking.

At what age do babies walk

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 Mostly the babies walk at the age of 15 months. But it can differ from baby to baby. Some babies are born healthier than others, they develop neuro-motor skills and coordination among the limbs faster. Hence they meet the milestones before others. These babies can start walking at the age of even 10 months.

Help your babies to walk

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  • Do not force your babies to walk the way you want them to walk. Let them practice their own way. Some babies try to walk on their toes let them! Because if you will try to teach them they might stop and get irritated.
  • Remember babies walk by taking one step in the beginning then two or maybe after the third step they will surprise you by achieving your set target.
  • Never force your babies to walk. They will start walking once their motor skills start working and coordinating.
  • Do not put your babies in baby walkers for long. As this will slow down the process of making them learn walking independently. Secondly it is not as safe as the baby tries it himself.
  • Parents help is much needed. Mothers should try to hold babies from their armpits and make their stepping reflexes work. This will support babies walk quicker.

The babies having skinny legs will be able to hold their body mass easily and walk earlier than others. Whereas, the baby with more body mass will definitely take more time as this small creature cannot hold his body mass easily.

The babies walk easily, who get a chance to move around a lot. The ones who are most of the time in their cots or beds they get less chance to move around and consequently delay their motor skills development.

The time to get worried

If the babies are unable to walk at the age of 18 months even they are not trying to hold things to stand you must visit a doctor. This might be a sign of a physical problem. It’s better to see the doctor before it gets late. At this stage doctors advise some exercises, supplement and support parents by counseling them to no to lose hope or get frustrated.

Soon you will see your baby standing then walking later running around the house messing it up. So, get ready moms your super runner is on the way.