WHEN Do Baby Crawl? Know Quickly

when do baby crawl

When do baby crawl? is a commom question rising in your mind after some months of baby birth. Therefore, Every mom is curious to know that when her baby start crawl with small beautiful legs. So, I am going to tell you that when your baby start crawl.

Hi! Your baby is normal like other babies. So, I am going to tell research analysis results to you. Many babies are start to crawl with the hel of their hands and knees at the age of 6 months. Yes, only in 6 months you can see your child crawling. I know this question irritate you that when do baby crawl? But don’t worry your baby starts to creep soon.

But in some cases, some babies don’t do crawl in 6 months. So, what we should in these type of cases. Don’t worry, your anxiety is going to end now.

What happen If Baby not Crawl?

If your child is not creeping and crawling. This is not that, unfortunately he/she is abnormal. In some cases, babies take 9 months typically to start crawling.

May your child is start crawling in backward direction first and forward direction later.

In some cases, babies start to crawl like commando. May their crawl is not perfect like other babies but it will become normal after some time.

When Do Baby Crawl In Unexceptional Cases

In some other cases, babies start to crawl after two or three months of their birth. Personally, I know that child who start crawl in first two months. He was baby of my first cousin. My cousin is so healthy physically and mentally. So, her baby is also healthy guy. Even, he starts to walk in 6 moonths only. This happen in world, when we see some unexceptional cases. May this question is answered ‘When do baby crawl?’

How Your Baby Will Creep?

Your kid will start to creep with his will power. You should bring his will power out of of his mind. Therefore, you should do some tests to bring his will:

  1. You should say your baby that he bring his toy from some distance.
  2. Test your baby that he caught cat
  3. You should prepare your baby to take his favorite food from distance

These all tactics will bring will power of your baby out of his own. In this way, your baby will start crawl. Therefore, you should understand that there is no way that your baby not creep.

Due several reasons your baby is not creeping. However, May be your baby is not much healthy, maybe your baby is like to take rest. Therefore, there is no meaning that your kid is unable to creep, just wait for right time.


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